A Classic Meat Sauce For Pasta

A Classic Meat Sauce For Pasta

This is a nostalgic meat sauce that is totally different from Italian bolognese. It uses butter, so it has a rich flavor just like in a western restaurant. The key is the dried shiitake mushrooms.

Ingredients: 20 cm diameter pot

Combined ground beef and pork
500 g
Celery (if you have it)
Carrots (optional)
1 clove
30 g
Canned tomatoes
1 can (400 g)
Consommé stock granules
2 teaspoons
30~50 g
Bay leaves
2-3 leaves
Dried shiitake mushrooms
300 ml
Red wine
100 ml
Tomato ketchup
100 ml
Tonkatsu sauce
1~2 tablespoons
Soy sauce
1~2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper
to taste
as needed


1. Re-hydrate the dried shiitake mushrooms in water. Finely chop the vegetables. Finely chop the re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms.
2. Put the butter and garlic in a pot, add the meat, and stir-fry. Add the vegetables and continue stir-frying until wilted.
3. Add the red wine, the crushed canned tomatoes, the re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms and the liquid from re-hydrating, and bring to a boil. Remove the scum.
4. Add the bay leaves, honey (please see Step 8 for a note), and consommé stock granules and simmer over medium heat.
5. When the moisture is mostly evaporated, add the ketchup, sauce, and soy sauce and simmer over medium heat.
6. When the moisture has evaporated, check the taste and adjust as necessary with salt, pepper, and spices.
7. Once it's like this, it's ready.
8. ※Note: The sauce has a strong sweet and salty flavor, but if you would like a delicately sweet sauce, use 30 g of honey (2 tablespoons), 1 tablespoon each of tonkatsu sauce and soy sauce, and check the taste.
9. This makes a lot, so you can make a half portion or put the remaining sauce in a Ziploc bag and store in the freezer.
10. Classic meat sauce spaghetti is always a hit. In my home, we coat the boiled noodles in butter and pepper.
11. This is meat sauce with eggplant and asparagus cooked in an oven.
12. I baked some bread with meat sauce in it. The eggs and cheese give it a mild flavor. It's really delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is my family's classic recipe.