Yakiniku?! Toast

Yakiniku?! Toast

There are people who like to eat rice with yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) sauce, so I thought it might also taste good on bread. I also added cheese.

Ingredients: 1 slice

Sliced bread
1 slice
Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) sauce
About 3 teaspoons
Shredded cheese
to taste
Ichimi spice or shichimi spice, leek
to taste


1. Spread the sauce onto the bread, top with cheese, and toast in an oven.
2. Add seasonings and leeks to taste. Enjoy.
3. "CassieKatherine" topped this full of leeks Looks yummy.
4. " Miyuki12 " made this with crumbled tofu What a great balance of nutrients.

Story Behind this Recipe

There are people who put sauce on their rice, so there's gotta be people who put in on bread, right? So, I made this for my brother.