Yakitori-Style Tsukune from Ground Pork

Yakitori-Style Tsukune from Ground Pork

Tsukune from a yakitori restaurant is sweet and delicious.
The enjoy the great taste of a restaurant easily at home.
Try it with egg yolk.
Be sure to skewer them last!

Ingredients: serves 2

Ground pork
200 g
Green onions
about 10 cm
Prepared ginger paste in tube
a small amount
a. Soy Sauce
2 tablespoons
a. Mirin
1 tablespoon
a. Sake
1/2 tablespoon
a. Sugar
1/2 tablespoon
Egg yolk


1. Combine the ground pork, roughly minced onions, and grated ginger and knead until sticky. Mix together the (a) ingredients and set aside.
2. Create cylinder-like shapes from the mixture in step 1, and cook thoroughly in an oiled frying pan.
3. Add the (a) ingredient mixture and boil until thick. Lastly, swirl the frying pan around to get the sauce mixed in.
4. Skewer, then transfer to a serving plate and it's complete. Eat together with egg yolk.

Story Behind this Recipe

I re-created the tsukune from my husband's favorite yakitori place.
So happy to be able to eat these at home.