Red Wine Bread With Walnuts and Cream Cheese - Made in a Bread Machine

Red Wine Bread With Walnuts and Cream Cheese - Made in a Bread Machine

This bread uses no water - it uses 100% wine. It's a grape-colored bread with a subtle wine fragrance. It's filled with lots of walnuts and cream cheese.

Ingredients: 6 rolls

★Bread (strong) flour
250 g
★Cake flour
50 g
★Malt powder (optional)
0.5 g
24 g
3 g
★Skim milk powder
10 g
24 g
★Red wine
180 ml
Dry yeast
5 g
50 g
Cream cheese
6 10 to 15 g pieces
Butter to top the rolls
10 g


1. Put the ★ ingredients in a bread machine. Put the yeast in the yeast compartment, and start the dough-only program.
2. When the added ingredients signal sounds, add the walnuts.
3. When the dough is finished, take it out onto a floured work surface, divide into 6 portions, and round off each one. (Each piece will be about 95 g.)
4. Cover with a tightly wrung out moistened paper towel, and leave to rest for 20 minutes.
5. Turn the dough over, and press down lightly with your hand.
6. Put on a piece of cream cheese, and wrap the dough around it securely.
7. If you hold the dough gently and roll it around and round on your work surface, the seam will become nice and neat. (I learned this when I used to work at a bakery.)
8. Line the dough on a square plate covered with kitchen parchment paper, and leave to rise at 40°C for 50 minutes (2nd rising).
9. When the 2nd rising is over, preheat the oven to 180°C.
10. Slash the tops of the rolls with a sharp knife, and put a sliver of butter in each cut. (If you wet your knife beforehand, it will be easier to slash the bread.)
11. I divided a 10 g piece of butter into thirds, and cut each piece in half again.
12. Bake in a 180°C oven for 20 minutes. It looks like this inside. The bread has a subtle wine color.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love wine, so I wanted to make a 100% wine bread.
After changing the ingredient ratios several times, I was finally able to make a bread I was satisfied with!