Honey Flavoured Madeleine

Honey Flavoured Madeleine

Sometimes I want to eat Madeleines. So this is the recipe for a small amount. It's honey flavored, not vanilla.

Ingredients: 7cm shell shaped, 8-10 pieces

Cake flour
50 g
Baking powder
1/4 teaspoon
30 g
Butter (unsalted)
50 g
20 g
1 (about 50 g)
Sliced almonds
as needed


1. Preparation: Put the butter and honey into a heatproof container and microwave to dissolve them.
2. Put the flour, baking powder and sugar into a bowl. Mix well with a whisk. I used brown sugar this time.
3. Sifting them together will give the same result.
4. Then add the beaten egg slowly to mix in.
5. Add the dissolved butter and honey in the bowl little by little, mix with a whisk.
6. Leave it for about 30 minutes in room temperature. You can bake it immediately, but the flavor will blend together if you leave it.
7. Fill the batter into a mold to about 80% full. Decorate with sliced almonds. Of course, you don't have to add them.
8. Bake for about 12 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°C. Adjust the cooking time depending on your oven and your favorite golden brown.
9. When it is baked, remove from the oven to cool on a cooling rack. When it has cooled, take out from the mold.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought honey for my health. It's nothing special, but added some honey into basic Madeleine recipe.