The Fastest Strained Yogurt

The Fastest Strained Yogurt

Making strained yogurt usually takes a while, but with this method, it's done in no time. You'll be amazed.

Ingredients: 500 g of yogurt makes 200 g of strained yogurt

Plain yogurt
500 g
A pinch


1. Set a strainer over a bowl. Lay cheesecloth in the strainer. Paper towels would work too.
2. Put the yogurt in the strainer lined with cheesecloth. Now sprinkle a pinch - just a pinch! - of salt over the yogurt. Done.
3. This is at the very beginning of the straining process.
4. Here it is 30 minutes later. It might be hard to tell...
5. It's obvious when you see the whey, right?
6. Here it is after 1 hour. If you look at the left side of the yogurt, you can see the liquid has drained out.
7. Even more whey has drained out (it might be hard to tell).
8. Here is the yogurt after 1.5 hours. 500 g of yogurt is now 204 g. I consider it done at this point.

Story Behind this Recipe

Strained yogurt takes time, but I wanted to use it right away. With this method, it's done in no time. You'll have strained yogurt in just a little over an hour.