Cherry Blossom Viewing Sakura Sandwiches

Cherry Blossom Viewing Sakura Sandwiches

It is customary to take Japanese-style food to cherry blossom viewing parties. If you take these sandwiches, I think everyone will be delighted!

Ingredients: 3 servings

Sliced sandwich bread
12 slices
8 slices
Cheese slices
8 slices
to taste
Japanese mustard
to taste


1. Cut out a cherry blossom in each slice of bread with a cookie cutter. Do this for 6 slices.
2. Spread butter and Japanese mustard on the bread.
3. Make a sandwich by layering in the following order: uncut slice → cheese → ham → cut-out slice.
4. Cut 3 cherry blossoms out of the ham.
5. Cut another 3 out of the cheese.
6. Top the bread cut out in cherry blossom shapes with the ham and cheese.
7. They are simple to make, but they will definitely make everyone smile.

Story Behind this Recipe

I just couldn't wait to use my new cherry blossom cookie cutter.