Make Your Own Red Chili and Garlic Oil

Make Your Own Red Chili and Garlic Oil

My friend K-mama said to me, "Chili and garlic oil is quite expensive, but you can make it yourself!" The aroma of the garlic really whets your appetite. Drizzle over whatever you like.


Olive oil (small bottle)
1 (the one I used was 228 g)
Red chili peppers
about 5 (to taste)
1 clove


1. Cut the garlic lengthwise, remove the core, and slice thinly. Cut off the tops of the chili peppers with scissors, and make a cut in the middle to remove the seeds. Cut them into thin rounds with scissors.
2. Pour the olive oil, chili peppers and garlic into a deep frying pan, and heat over low heat.
3. Turn off the heat just before the garlic turns golden brown. The residual heat will continue cooking the mixture.
4. While the oil is cooling, the garlic will turn dark, as shown in this photo. When it's cooled completely, pour the mixture back into the bottle. It's not so spicy when it's freshly made.
5. There are various shapes of olive oil bottles, and the one I bought this time had a plastic cap like this one. I couldn't take this off, and I didn't have a funnel on hand...
6. After much agonizing, I cut off a corner of a small plastic bag, put the opened corner into the bottle, and poured in the oil through the plastic bag. The garlic and chili didn't go in easily, so I pushed them into the bottle with a chopstick. It went surprisingly well.
7. Apparently, the spiciness will increase starting the next day, and the oil will become spicier and redder as time goes on. I'm not sure how long it can be stored, but K-mama said she made hers a while ago.
8. The chili peppers I used were about 10 cm long. They are probably 2-3 times longer than average-sized chili peppers. I used 2 of those, making the oil mildly spicy.
9. I drizzled this oil over a salad, and it was super delicious. It's great for freshly boiled pasta. It was also delicious with a deep-fried dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

My friend K-mama is a great cook. When I went to her house, she whipped up "Penne Arrabbiata" for lunch, and drizzled some delicious-looking oil over her pasta. I don't really like spicy food, but I tried the oil, and it was so good! She told me the oil was homemade, so I asked her the ingredients straight away! Thank you, K-mama!