Salty Cookies - Use Up Leftover Egg Yolks!

Salty Cookies - Use Up Leftover Egg Yolks!

These cookies are sweet and salty, and have a satisfying crunch too! They're inexpensive to make too, so I really recommend them!

Ingredients: 1 cookie sheet

Margarine (or butter) ( salted)
60 g
2g (1/2 teaspoon
Egg yolk
Cake flour
110 g
Milk to brush on top (if you want the cookies to have a shiny finish)
A small amount


1. Quickly mix softened margarine with a whisk, add in sugar and salt, and mix until it turns white.
2. Add in the egg yolk and continue mixing well.
3. Sift in the cake flour, switch to a rubber spatula, and vigorously mix together. It will be crumbly at first, but it will gradually clump together.
4. Spread out a large cut of plastic wrap, spread it out, and place the crumbly dough on top. Spread out the dough, alternating between left and right, squishing the clumps together.
5. This is what the dough should look like. Just press it together without kneading. Spread it out in the wrap until about 4-5 mm thick, cut with a cookie cutter, or cut into squares with a knife.
6. Spread out baking paper on a cookie sheet,lay out the dough, and coat with milk if you want to give it a glaze. In the photo, the cookie on the right has been brushed with milk. The left has not. I brushed it on with my finger!
7. Bake in an oven at 170C for 17-20 minutes and let cool on a metal rack while still on the cookie sheet. Please adjust the baking time according to the oven.
8. The cutter shown in the photo seems a bit large, but the birds and flowers etc. bake perfectly in 17 minutes. The 2nd and 3rd batches take less time to bake.
9. I gave these to my children on White Day (March 14th).

Story Behind this Recipe

I really wanted to eat the "salt cookies" that are sold at a certain cafe. I'd bought some deliciuos salt so I tried making them myself. I'm not sure how many times I tried.... I really really recommend them as cookies for grownups!!