Our Homemade Chirashi

Our Homemade Chirashi

We really like to pile on the toppings at our house. It's a gorgeous dish that we have on celebratory occasions like Hinamatsuri.

Ingredients: 4 servings

White rice
2 1/2 rice cooker cups (450ml)
Sushi vinegar
as needed
Toppings and seasonings:
Dried shiitake mushrooms
1/2 (large)
Burdock root
Bamboo shoots cooked in water (canned or vacuum packed)
1 pack
★Soy sauce
1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
1/2 tablespoon
Additional recommended toppings:
Japanese omelette (thick or thin variety)
2~3 eggs
Sashimi-grade bluefin tuna (chopped into bite-sized sized pieces)
1 pack
Snow peas
as needed
Nori seaweed
1 sheet
White sesame seeds
to taste
Other toppings to consider (if available):
Japanese burdock root (boil in vinegar water, and season with pinches of salt and sugar)
as desired
Salmon roe
to taste
Simmered anago
as desired


1. First, prepare your sushi rice. Try to cook your rice on the harder side (with a little less water than usual). While it's cooking, you can start working on the other ingredients.
2. Steam your shrimp with their shells still on with a sprinkle of sake, slice into cubes, and season with a bit of salt.
3. Cube your cooked Japanese omelette. (If you'd prefer to use the thin variety instead, make sure you julienne your omelette at this point in the process.) Cut your other toppings (shrimp, snow peas, etc.).
4. Cube your bluefin tuna, and marinate it in a bath of "nikiri" soy sauce (1 tablespoon each of soy sauce, sake, and water, simmered then cooled down) with a dab of wasabi mixed in.
5. Take the shiitake mushrooms that you've reconstituted, and cut into thin slices. Julienne the konnyaku into thin strips (or matchsticks), and the burdock in to thin shreds, and the bamboo shoots into small bite-sized pieces.
6. Heat up some sesame oil in a pot or deep frying pan, and start cooking your chopped ingredients (burdock root, bamboo shoot, carrot, shiitake, and konnyaku). Simmer with the water you reconstituted your shiitake and the ★ seasonings.
7. Move your rice from the rice cooker to a large bowl or wooden "oke" (barrel). Sprinkle around the sushi vinegar, and mix it all together in light motions, trying not to mash the grains of rice together.
8. Mix the other simmered ingredients (burdock root, konnyaku, carrot, etc.) into the sushi rice. Pile the mixed rice onto a large plate, and sprinkle on shreds of nori seaweed, white sesame seeds, and other additional toppings.
9. Sprinkle on the cooked lotus root and snow peas, as well as your ikura (cod roe).
10. Here's a different version with julienned strings of Japanese omelette.

Story Behind this Recipe

The good thing about our chirashi is that everyone can get a full taste of the dish, since you get a bunch of different ingredients with every mouthful! It's looks great on the table, so I like to prepare it for special events and family get-togethers.