Easy Tender Simmered Pork

Easy Tender Simmered Pork

Just put the ingredients in a pressure cooker and simmer. An easy recipe for tender simmered pork!


Pork (block)
400 g
※Soy sauce
100 ml
100 ml
100 ml
100 ml
2 tablespoons
※Ginger (grated)
1 teaspoon
※The green part of a Japanese leek (if you have some)
to taste
Hard-boiled eggs
As many as you like


1. Make as many hard-boiled eggs as you would like to serve with the pork.
2. Put the block of pork and the ※ ingredients into a pressure cooker and bring up to pressure. Cook under pressure for 15 minutes!
3. Bring the pressure down, add the boiled eggs and simmer to reduce the sauce. Leave to cool.
4. When the pork has cooled down, slice it, transfer on a serving plate with the boiled eggs and serve!
5. Simmer coarsely chopped pork and sliced onion in the leftover cooking liquid and pour over rice to make a pork rice bowl!
6. Use the leftover broth from the butadon from step 5, to make shiro-ae (a tofu dish), and julienned burdock root to make "kinpira"!

Story Behind this Recipe

Pork blocks were on sale so I made simmered pork in a pressure cooker.