Easily Made in a Rice Cooker! Chirashi Sushi

Easily Made in a Rice Cooker! Chirashi Sushi

Just cut, add to the rice cooker pot, and flip on the switch. This chirashi sushi is so easy and delicious. Great for Girl's Day celebration, for cherry blossom viewing, or for serving to guests.

Ingredients: Enough for 3 cups of rice twice, or 2 cups of rice 3 times.

☆Bamboo shoot
1 small
☆Lotus root
☆Burdock root
☆Shiitake mushrooms
1 package
3 sheets
Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
Japanese dashi stock (or water plus dashi granules)
Vinegared Sushi Rice (or just steamed rice)
as needed


1. Briefly boil the aburaage. Finely chop all of the ☆ ingredients. You don't have to mince them, but they should be finely julienned into short pieces. You can thinly shave the burdock root.
2. Put all the ingredients, except for the rice, into the rice cooker. Turn on the rice cooker and cook until everything is tender. Cool the ingredients together so that the flavours blend.
3. Even if the rice cooker doesn't turn off, you can stop the cooking manually when the ingredients have softened.
4. Mix in the vinegared rice to make chirashi sushi. I use sushi vinegar You can use plain rice to make mixed rice. The ingredients make enough to mix together with 3 180ml cups of uncooked rice (cook before mixing). You can freeze leftovers for later use.
5. The photo shows the chirashi sushi topped with nori seaweed, shiso leaves, grilled eel, and ginger cut into the shape of flower petals. You can also add salted salmon roe or sashimi grade raw fish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used all the ingredients I usually cook in a pot to make this chirashi sushi in a rice cooker. It couldn't be easier!