Japanese Flounder Sakura Carpaccio

Japanese Flounder Sakura Carpaccio

★ Carpaccio with a wonderful fragrance of sakura. You can also make this using sea bream or scallops.

Ingredients: 4 servings

White fish such as Japanese flounder or sea bream
100 g
Salted sakura blossoms
12 flowers
☆Extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon
☆White wine
1 teaspoon
a small amount
Soy sauce, salt
a small amount
Sprouts or thin green onions
as needed


1. Thinly cut the sashimi and arrange on a plate. Make sure the sashimi slices are not overlapping. Take 1/2 of the salted sakura and soak in water for 2 minutes to remove some of the excess salt. Desalt the rest of the sakura completely.
2. Finely chop the lightly desalted sakura, combine with the ☆ ingredients and mix well Add a drop of soy sauce and salt to taste.
3. Pour the mixture from Step 2 onto the sashimi. Garnish with decorative sakura and sprouts to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this dish spring-themed, but I still think nothing beats soy sauce and wasabi for sashimi.