Easy & Instant Cucumber Pickles

Easy & Instant Cucumber Pickles

There are all kinds of cucumbers (thin or bent) but you can transform them all into easy instant pickles using just sugar and salt.

Ingredients: easy to make amount

500 g
120 g
30 g


1. Put all the ingredients in a plastic bag, and rub over the bag. Expel the air out of the bag and refrigerate.
2. The moisture will come out of the cucumbers and the sugar and salt will dissolve overnight.
3. When the cucumbers have turned limp, they're done. Add sliced red chili pepper to taste for a spicy accent.

Story Behind this Recipe

The pickled cucumber that a mother of one of my child's schoolmates brings to potlucks was delicious, I asked her for the recipe. This is a modified version of hers.