Peach Nerikiri (Sweet Bean Paste Confections) - Easy Wagashi to Make for Dolls' Festival

Peach Nerikiri (Sweet Bean Paste Confections) - Easy Wagashi to Make for Dolls' Festival

Dolls' Day Festival (March 3rd) is also known as Peach Festival. You could always make the standard sakura mochi, but I decided to make peach shaped Japanese sweets. Peaches are so cute!

Ingredients: Makes six 6cm-large peaches

White sugar
White bean paste (storebought)
Red food colouring
as needed
Small leaves
as needed for garnish


1. Combine shiratama flour, sugar, and water in a pot and stir to dissolve.
2. Heat the mixture over medium heat and stir the mixture until well heated.
3. When the flour mixture is hot, add white bean paste. Mix well and continue stirring the ingredients together.
4. Cook until the water has evaporated. Touch the dough with a finger to check if the dough is thick and can be moulded into shape.
5. Form 2/3 of the mixture into a ball and set aside. Dissolve the food colouring in a small amount of water.
6. Add the dissolved food colouring to the remaining dough in the pot. Mix in enough colour to turn the dough a light shade of pink.
7. Place 30g of the white dough and 20g of the pink dough onto a square of plastic wrap. Gather the loose ends of the wrap to form a ball and twist tightly to form a peach shape.
8. It should look something like this.
9. Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles and press the dough into a rounded shape. Taper one end into a point.
10. Use a bamboo skewer, or the back of a knife, to indent a line midway into the peach shape, creating the seam of the peach.
11. This time, I garnished with leaves that I had on hand.

Story Behind this Recipe

Sakura mochi are the traditional sweets to serve and are always nice, but since Doll's Day festival is also Peach Festival, I thought a peach-themed treat would be fun to try.