Simple Avocado, Tuna & Cheese Pasta

Simple Avocado, Tuna & Cheese Pasta

This is a simple, extremely satisfying, avocado sauce that doesn't require any heat.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Canned tuna
1/2 can
●Grated cheese
About 2 tablespoons
●Olive oil
1 tablespoon
Salt and coarsely ground pepper
as needed
1 serving
Lemon (optional)
As needed


1. Add salt to a generous amount of boiling water and start cooking the pasta. Put the peeled avocado into a bowl along with the drained tuna, oil, and cheese.
2. Mash it all with a fork to your desired consistency.
3. Drain the pasta, add to the bowl, and toss together. Season with salt.
4. Sprinkle some pepper on top and it's done. Add a spritz of lemon juice for a refreshing kick.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm searching for ways to make avocado delicious. The trick here is to use cheese and oil instead of mayonnaise.