Elegant Mille Crepe for Valentine's Day!

Elegant Mille Crepe for Valentine's Day!

An elegant ruffled mille crepe wrapped up like a present. Use this method in a variety of other cakes.


Premade mille crepe
20 x 5 cm
Regular crepes
enough for 7 20 cm crepes
Heavy cream
400 ml (including cream for the mille crepe)
as needed
Plastic film
or hard plastic file
Fresh fruits
to taste
to taste
to taste
to taste
Orange (+ peel)
to taste
to taste
Mint leaves
to taste
Yellow flowers
to taste
Heart shaped chocolates
to taste


1. Wrap up the mille crepe with the 7 crepes as shown in the diagram. Use a 2 cm wide ribbon to tie them together and hold them in place, while keeping an eye on the spacing of the crepe ruffles.
2. I planned to layer the regular crepes, then the mille crepe, followed by the heavy cream and the fruit, but you have to undo the ribbon to cut the cake, so...
3. I reserved the heavy cream, then placed each slice of cake on a plate and spread it with the cream.
4. This makes the construction and slicing easier, and it will be delicious.
5. I used a 2 cm wide ribbon, but if you want a height of precisely 2 cm, then use plastic wrap for cakes cut to the same height as the ribbon.
6. Secure the cake with the wrap. The cake wrap will secure the frills.
7. I used 300 ml of heavy cream for the mille crepe and 100 ml for topping.
8. But you could deck out the cake and use 400 ml, go ahead! Devour the entire cake, fruits, mille crepe, crepe frills and all!

Story Behind this Recipe

I've been thinking about this design for awhile and decided to try to make it.
It came out much prettier than I expected!