Easy Cheesecake Made with a Food Processor

Easy Cheesecake Made with a Food Processor

Add all of the ingredients to a food processor, give it a quick spin, and just bake! An authentic tasting cheesecake that's so easy to make. Children love this too!

Ingredients: 18 cm springform pan

◎Cream cheese
200~250 g (1 box)
◎Heavy cream
200 ml (1 package)
◎Egg (medium)
100 g
◎Plain flour
3 tablespoons
a pinch
◎Lemon juice
a small amount
〇Cookies or biscuits
50 g
40 g


1. Cookie or biscuit base: Place the cookies or biscuits into a food processor, and crush them into fine crumbs. Mix in the melted butter, pack into the mold, and chill in the fridge to harden.
2. Batter: Add all of the ◎ ingredients to the food processor, and spin for about 2 minutes until smooth.
3. Pour the batter from Step 2 into the mold, and bake in an oven preheated to 170°C for 40~45 minutes.
4. Right after baking, run a knife around the edges. Chill to set.
5. Remove from the mold, and it is done!
6. Cut into your desired portion sizes and enjoy!
7. I placed a ramekin filled with hot water on the baking pan to steam-bake the cake. The results were nice and moist!
8. Here I replaced the cream cheese with cottage cheese, and added liquor soaked blueberries. It tastes so light that you can keep eating several slices!
9. For Halloween: Use 300 g pumpkin, 2 egg, 100 g Oreo cookies, 50 g butter, and bake in an oven at 180°C for 45 minutes.
10. The pumpkin cheesecake was pretty good too! Halloween colors!

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was a child, my mother taught me this cheesecake recipe. My husband loves it, and I bake it for his birthday.