Children Love These! Decorative Hina Doll Temarizushi

Children Love These! Decorative Hina Doll Temarizushi

Easy-to-make temarizushi (ball shaped sushi)! Make them for bento boxes, decorative party platters, or arrange them on top of chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi).


Plain white steamed rice
About two rice bowls' worth
5 slices (round)
Sushi nori seaweed
1/2 a sheet
1 slice
2 tablespoons
Sakura denbu (sweet pink-colored semi-dried fish flakes)
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
Canned tuna mixed with mayonnaise
As needed


1. Cut decorative pieces out of the carrot slices and put on a plate. Sprinkle salt and water, and microwave for 30 seconds.
2. Cut the cucumber and place on the plate with the carrot slices (the carrot and cucumber slices should be about 2 mm thick.) These are used to decorate the sushi.
3. Cut out eyes, mouth, and hair out of the nori seaweed. Use a straw to cut noses out of the ham slice.
4. Mix the vinegar with the hot rice to make sushi rice. Use plastic wrap to squeeze the sushi rice into 35 g portions. Add whatever rice seasonings you like to the rice before forming the balls. You can make colored rice by using aonori and sakura denbu (pink fish flakes).
5. Now you have all the parts to make the sushi balls. Remove the plastic wrap from the rice and decorate the balls. Sprinkle a little sakura denbu on the surface for the cheeks to add a finishing touch.
6. Using a pair of tweezers and holding down the balls with plastic wrap makes this easier.
7. Wrap the decorated balls with plastic wrap again to make temarizushi onigiri (rice balls)!
8. Make little carrot flower temarizushi with leftover rice!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was so happy when I realized my daughter is old enough to enjoy sushi rice. I thought, if I make these cute temarizushi, maybe she'll eat even more.