Omelette-style Bento for Doll's Festival

Omelette-style Bento for Doll's Festival

Dolls greet you when you open this bento! Ketchup rice wrapped in thin omelette is a winning combination.

Ingredients: Makes about 4 small rice balls

Cooked rice (hot)
1 to 1.5 ricebowls worth of rice
about 1 or 2 pinches
Tomato ketchup
a little less than 2 teaspoons
1 medium
about 1/2 teaspoon
Ham, seaweed, and boiled broccoli
as needed
Wiener sausage
Cherry tomatoes
Imitation crab sticks
1 stick


1. Beat an egg, mix well with mayonnaise, and thinly fry 2 omelettes in a pan with a sparse amount of cooking oil. Lay on plastic wrap when finished (About 18 cm in diameter).
2. Divide the rice in half, mixing salt in one half, and ketchup in the other.
3. Put half of the ketchup rice from step 2 on top of the thin omelettes from step 1, wrap in the egg and secure with rubber bands.
4. Prepare one more in the same way.
5. Remove the wrap from step 4, and use the same wrap to make salted rice balls after placing the others into the bento box.
6. Make the other side in the same manner . Pack it into the bento box. They are cute and round!
7. Make the cheeks by cutting circles out of ham, cut a fanshape for the doll's folding fan, and cut a "V" shape out of the mini tomato with a knife to make the cap. The eyes are black sesame seeds.
8. Cut out the other fan from seaweed for the emperor doll . Cut imitation crab stick into thirds, and stack them together for the hat.
9. Fill in the gaps with boiled broccoli, turn the octopus-shaped wieners upside-down so that they look like flowers, and use the part you cut from the mini tomato for the center of the flower.
10. I wrapped the emperor doll's hat with seaweed . This is authentic ketchup rice .

Story Behind this Recipe

This is my second attempt at making doll shaped rice balls (Recipe ID: 515769)!! I wonder if I improved a little??