Microwaved Bread Pudding for One

Microwaved Bread Pudding for One

Mix, heat, and leave the rest in the microwave.
This is the perfect fix for when you're overcome with the need to eat something.

Ingredients: 1 mug (about 300 ml)

1+ spoonfuls
half the mug (see the steps)
Bread of your choice
If a loaf of sandwich bread, 1 slice
Honey or jam, etc.
to taste


1. Break the egg into the mug and beat. Add the sugar and mix.
2. Fill the mug with milk until about 2/3 filled. Stir.
3. Chop the bread into pieces and sink into the bread mixture. Lightly cover with plastic wrap.
4. Microwave while keeping an eye on it. When it seems like it will boil over, let it rest a bit. Once it has calmed, microwave again. The total microwaved time should be 3-5 minutes.
5. Once the egg mixture becomes jelly-like, it's done Optionally top with honey or jam and enjoy.
6. It was delicious. This was the only thing I had to wash.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I felt like having some bread pudding while alone, I impulsively came up with this recipe while using a previous microwaved custard pudding recipe that I liked as a reference. I used 1 mug + 1 spoon to make it simple.