3-Ingredient Authentic Truffles

3-Ingredient Authentic Truffles

3 ingredients, simple amounts, and very delicious!
Takes a bit of arm strength, but is most definitely delicious.

Ingredients: easy to make amount (makes about 30 teaspoons)

Heavy cream (organic, milk fat OK)
200 ml (1 carton)
Bitter chocolate (whatever's bitter works)
400 ml
Your choice of liquor (I used cointreau)
50 ml (1 mini-bottle)
Chocolate for coating (anything's OK)
350 g


1. Finely mince the chocolate. Heat the heavy cream directly on low heat. Once the sides of the pot begin to bubble add the minced chocolate.
2. Stop the heat and allow the chocolate to melt completely. Once the chocolate is at about body temperature add the liquor and mix.
3. From here you'll be making ganache. It requires whipping. Of course there's no problem if you do it manually.
4. At any rate, please whip it. With a hand mixer it takes about 20 minutes. Please don't give up.
5. Continue to mix as the chocolate becomes milk-chocolate-like white and peaks form.
6. Scoop out with a spoon, and use your hand to quickly roll up into balls. Let cool in the refrigerator.
7. Melt the coating chocolate then let cool. Aim for a temperature slightly warmer than body temperature.
8. Coat the chocolate balls made in step 6 with the chocolate coating. Do one at a time, quickly. Cool and then it's complete.
9. Using the amounts listed above I made this many truffles, with a diameter of 3 cm.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a real chocolate I've made ever since I was in elementary school.
You won't fail! You'll be complimented and people will tell you it's delicious. The irregular shape is also very charming.
Truffles are easier than I thought.
Make these by hand with your favorite liquor and to your desired thickness.