Cream Croquettes That Won't Burst!

Cream Croquettes That Won't Burst!

Great results even for lazy people like me! Easy, and yet authentic. Who's afraid of cream croquettes now?

Ingredients: 12 croquettes

Crab meat
150 g
Corn kernels
80 g
Butter or margarine
40 g
60 g
400 ml
1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper
to taste
◎ Eggs
◎ Flour
as needed
◎ Panko (fine)
about 80 g


1. Mince onion and sauté in butter over medium heat. Do not burn.
2. When the onion becomes translucent and slightly browned, turn the heat off. Add flour.
3. Stir-fry over low heat so that the umami-richness of the onion and butter soaks into the flour. Move on when the onions are soft!
4. Add crabmeat and corn. Stir-fry quickly.
5. Add milk, salt, pepper, and consommé. Adjust taste.
6. Keep mixing over medium heat until it becomes thick and starts making popping sounds. From here onwards, you can start cooling the mixture down.
7. When slightly cooled, add 1 egg yolk from egg for coating. Combine with filling and mix well.
8. Grease a flat container and pour in the mixture. Make cuts and chill well in the refrigerator.
9. Grease a plate. Grease your hands and form into flat balls while pushing out all of the air pockets.
10. Dredge with flour, eggs, and panko. Adjust the shape of the croquette patties. (If you can't find fine-grained panko, just get the regular kind and crumble them so more in a Ziploc bag or similar.
11. Deep-fry in 355°F/180°C oil until golden brown for about 1 to 2 minutes. It's done!
12. Crispy on the outside; thick and creamy on the inside.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband's favorite dish is cream croquettes, but I never used to be too fond of them, so reluctantly experimented with them. After coming up with a delicious way of making them, they're one of my favorites, too!