Shiso Leaf & Cheese Sandwiched in Chicken Tenderloin

Shiso Leaf & Cheese Sandwiched in Chicken Tenderloin

Please enjoy the softness of the chicken tenders and the gooey melted cheese.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Chicken fillets
4 pieces
Shiso leaves
8 leaves
Sliced cheese (not the easy-melt kind)
4 slices
Salt and pepper
Cake flour
as needed
Vegetable oil
as needed


1. Thinly cut the chicken tenders open vertically, butterfly and open them up. (Place it into the center at first, and spread it out to the sides). Try not to tear holes into your chicken!
2. Sprinkle the chicken tenders all over with salt and pepper. Set the shiso leaves on top, and sandwich in the cheese while cutting it in a manner so that it doesn't stick out of the edges.
3. Fold in half, and coat all over with flour.
4. Fry the chicken pieces in a frying pan lightly coated with oil. Flip over once they have turned golden brown, cover with a lid, and fry.
5. After they have cooked through, open the lid to let the moisture evaporate, and fry until crispy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I decided to make this dish because I like chicken breast and cheese.