Pretty Heart-Shaped Roll Cake

Pretty Heart-Shaped Roll Cake

This is a heart-shaped roll cake. ♪
It makes a pretty heart once it's finished.
Make it on a special day for a special person.


30 x 30 cm baked cake (Recipe ID: 730822)
Pink raspberry cream filling
Heavy cream
200 g
Granulated sugar
15 g
Frozen raspberries
80 g


1. Bake the cake in a 30 x 30 cm pan (Recipe ID: 730822). Beat the cream until soft peaks form.
2. Cut the baked cake. First, cut the cake at 18 cm from the bottom. Then, cut the bigger piece in half. You will now have 3 pieces. You will use the bottom two pieces.
3. From each of the two shorter sides of the rectangular cake, slice off the edges at 45° angles (see Step 12 for more details). Spread cream thickly on the surface of the cake. You'll use the rest of the cream later.
4. Fold the cake into a tear-shape. Bring the two ends together neatly. They should fit well because of the diagonal slices you made earlier to the edges.
5. Make the other half of the cake the same way. Wrap the cakes in plastic wrap (or something similar) and place in the fridge.
6. While visualizing the shape of half a heart, cut the cake diagonally from the center of the rounded part of the tear shape (the left side of the cake in this picture) to the bottom of the cake.
7. Cut the other cake the same way. Put the two halves together.
8. Use the remaining cream like glue to stick the two halves together. Arrange the heart shape by making sure that the cut edges are aligned correctly.
9. Wrap the cake in plastic wrap (or something similar), and let it rest in the fridge for a while.
10. Once the cake has chilled well, slice off the rough ends for a clean cross-section on both sides. Portion out the rest of the cake into whatever sized pieces you like.
11. It's finished. ♪
12. Postscript. When making the diagonal cut in Step 3, slice off the edges of the cake at 45° angles as shown in the picture. After cutting both ends like this, the tear shape should be easy to make.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought a heart-shaped roll cake would be cute, so I tried making one.