Omu-Soba: Yakisoba Noodle Omelettes

Omu-Soba: Yakisoba Noodle Omelettes

It's a very filling dish!


Leftover yakisoba noodles
as needed
1 to 2
Vegetable oil
a small amount
To taste
To taste


1. Heat oil in a frying pan. Add the beaten eggs and make the omelette base (I used 2 eggs).
2. Mound the yakisoba noodles in the middle of the omelette (You can turn off the heat.)
3. Hold a plate in your left hand and the frying pan handle in your right. Tilt the frying pan onto the plate (I couldn't take a photo as both hands were occupied!)
4. Top the omelete with mayonnaise, ketchup and aonori to finish. When you cut it open the omelette looks like this.
5. You can also just mound the yakisoba in the center of the plate and drape the omelette on top - easy!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was wondering what to do with leftover yakisoba noodles.