Soft-Set Fried Eggs in Bread Cups

Soft-Set Fried Eggs in Bread Cups

You can enjoy creamy soft set egg, bacon and cheese all at once with these bread cups. These are mini-sized, so children love them! Try filling with potato salad, too.

Ingredients: 4 cups

Sliced sandwich bread
4 slices
Half strips of bacon
4 half-strips
Melting sliced cheese
2 slices
Eggs, very small or quail eggs
Salt and pepper
a small amount
a small amount
Ketchup and mayonnaise (optional)
a small amount


1. Make 2 cm-deep cuts on all sides of the sliced bread. Butter 4 muffin cups, and press each slice of bread into a cup, folding them so that they are flower shaped.
2. Line each bread cup with a half slice of bacon first. Cut the cheese slices into half, and place in the cups so that it crosses over the bacon.
3. Top with the eggs. If you use very small-size chicken eggs, the white will run out, so break the eggs on a plate first and add to the cups little by little. If you are using quail eggs, you can just break them in.
4. Season with salt and pepper, and bake for 15 to 20 minutes in a 160°C oven. Please check on how the eggs are cooking. Cook for a short time only if using quail eggs!
5. Optionally add some ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together in equal amounts. If you eat this while breaking up the yolk, it's sooo good!
6. You can also bake the bread cups without the eggs, and fill with potato salad. Fill the cups with potato salad using a piping bag, then garnish with cheese and bacon.

Story Behind this Recipe

For breakfast on a day off. I wanted to come up with an easy to make, one-plate bread breakfast idea. You can make these without a frying pan or a bowl!