Easy Baumkuchen in a Frying-pan

Easy Baumkuchen in a Frying-pan

This is so easy and fun to make!
It's best to eat it the next day.

Ingredients: 2 servings (1 piece)

Pancake mix
150 g
Almond flour
50 g
90 ~ 100 g
200 ml
a little
Vanilla essence
about 5 drops
Butter (bring to room temperature)
50 g


1. Microwave the butter in a heat proof container for 2 minutes or so to melt.
2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, ensuring that there are no lumps.
3. Heat oil in a frying pan and spread the mixture thinly. When the mixture turns golden brown, flip over.
4. Straight after flipping over, press down on the cake gently with the spatula to make it thinner.
5. Now pour more mixture on the cooked cake and spread lightly with a ladle. Then flip over quickly. Keep doing this until the mixture is all used up.
6. Cook this over a medium heat. Prepare a wet kitchen towel and occasionally place the hot frying pan on it to cool. This gives them a nice brown colour without scorching!
7. This picture was taken after Step 3. Thin cakes add up to make one thick cake. Leave on the plate to cool down. Then wrap tightly with plastic wrap.
8. Rest the cake at room temperature for a day, then slice it to desired size. You'll have a moist baumkuchen.
9. Use cookie cutters to cut the cake into various shapes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I remembered a recipe I used to make a long time ago, and made this!
This is an easy recipe to make with your kids.