Rich Chocolate Pudding❤with a Single Chocolate Bar❤

Rich Chocolate Pudding❤with a Single Chocolate Bar❤

You can make this easy and melting pudding with a single chocolate bar.

Ingredients: 4 ramekins worth (6 cm in diameter)

Black chocolate
1 bar (58 g)
Egg yolk
2 large
Heavy cream
100 ml
150 ml


1. Break the chocolate bar into a bowl. Pour 100 ml of milk and microwave using the "milk warming" option (if available).
2. Mix well to melt the chocolate thoroughly. Add the rest of the milk in small batches.
3. Combine egg yolks with heavy cream and mix.
4. In small batches, add the egg mixture into the bowl of chocolate.
5. Pass the mixture from Step 4 through a strainer and pour into the ramekins. Because the result will be thick, I recommend you use small containers.
6. Cover the steamer with a cloth and steam over high heat for 2 minutes, then over low heat for 12-15 minutes. Take a peek once in a while. It's done when the surface looks firm♪

Story Behind this Recipe

The ingredients are an easy-to-make amount for a single bar of chocolate. I wanted to make a chilled dessert. The chocolate bar I initially bought at a convenient store weighed about 60-65 g. Now it's 58 g, but the slight fluctuation makes no difference.