How to Marinate White Fish Like Flounder in Konbu Seaweed

How to Marinate White Fish Like Flounder in Konbu Seaweed

If you marinate white fish like flounder between sheets of konbu seaweed, the umami of the seaweed is transferred to the fish, giving it an extra flavor. You can make this with leftover fish fillets too. I have included tips for making the fish even tastier.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Flounder, righteyed flounder or other flat white fish
1/2 fish worth
enough to cover the fish
a small amount
a dash


1. I used a stone flounder this time. Spread the fillets open. Sprinkle lightly with salt, and leave for 30 minutes to an hour until moisture comes out of the fish.
2. Wipe off all the moisture that has come out of the fish. Wipe down the konbu seaweed carefully with vinegar. It will become soft and will absorb flavors better, plus it's more hygienic.
3. Stack the konbu seaweed, then a piece of fish, then konbu, then fish, then konbu in alternate layers. Wrap it all up tightly in plastic wrap.
4. Weight down with something fairly light. I often use a non-frozen ice pack. It's very stable.
5. Leave to marinate in the refrigerator for 6 hours or more, up to 2 to 3 days. Stop when it reaches the flavor you want.
6. You can treat leftover pieces of sashimi in this way. They are ready in about 3 hours.
7. Chop up the konbu seaweed that you used and immerse it in soy sauce. Eat it with sashimi. You can also use the konbu seaweed to make dashi stock, or chop it up and add it to simmered dishes.
8. This is a wider view of the plate in the top photo.
9. This is fish that's been marinated for a whole day. It's so delicious!
10. This has been marinated for 2 days. The color of the konbu seaweed has been transferred to the fish a little. It has a rich, moist texture and is packed with the umami of the konbu seaweed. I like it best at this stage.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found some stone flounder for sale.