Chocolate-Flavored Caramel Candies

Chocolate-Flavored Caramel Candies

The chocolate flavor is delicious. It's made slightly bitter for a more mature taste. Gather the ingredients and just mix over low heat. Very simple.

Ingredients: 50 small pieces

Low-fat whipped cream
200 ml
100 ml
Soft light brown sugar
100 g
35 g
Cocoa powder
30 g
1 tablespoon
Mizuame or starch-based sweet syrup (like corn syrup)
1 tablespoon


1. Use a teflon-coated thick-base pot. I used a T-fal brand pan about 28 cm in side.
2. Add the milk, brown sugar, cocoa powder, honey, and syrup to the pot and mix well over low heat. Once the cocoa powder is well incorporated, add the whipped cream and butter.
3. Mix from the bottom of the pot to get rid of the moisture, but be careful not to burn it.
4. While mixing, you'll be able to see the bottom on the pot. The stiffness and smell will be changing. Add a little cold water, and if it stiffens up, it's OK.
5. Pour the mixture into a pan lined with parchment paper, allow to cool off, then store in the freezer for at least 20 minutes.
6. Use a knife to cut into pieces of your desired size while it's still on the parchment paper. If it starts to melt while you're cutting it, put back into the freezer and harden before cutting again.
7. If it's soft use a bamboo skewer to place on top of a sheet and wrap up. The size of the baking sheet should be 9 x 6 cm.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm always making caramel candies, but it's the season for Valentine's and I thought a chocolate-flavored version would be delicious.
Since I had low-fat organic cream in the refrigerator I used cocoa powder. My boyfriend and I were all smiles.