Eggs en Cocotte (Shirred Eggs) with Spinach, Mayonnaise and Cheese

Eggs en Cocotte (Shirred Eggs) with Spinach, Mayonnaise and Cheese

This is the best combination of a baked egg dish with cheese, mayonnaise, and spinach cooked with butter.
Use a ramekin (small oven-proof dish) for a cute effect or gratin dish for a satisfying serving. Whichever you want.

Ingredients: 4 ramekins (9 cm)

1 bag
as needed
Easy melting cheese
as needed
15 g
Salt・Black pepper
to taste


1. Saute the spinach with butter and season with salt and pepper. Transfer this into a ramekin or gratin dish.
2. Crack the eggs onto the spinach.
3. Squeeze mayonnaise over the top like in the picture. This is just the right amount of mayonnaise.
4. Sprinkle a lot of easy-melting cheese over the top a lot. Bake in an oven toaster until golden brown.
5. When the cheese turns golden brown, it's ready to eat!! Warm medium cooked eggs, mayonnaise and cheese mixed with spinach. How heavenly!

Story Behind this Recipe

I don't see too many recipes using spinach, so I created this using everyday ingredients from home.