Glossy Teriyaki Sauce

Glossy Teriyaki Sauce

This recipe doesn't ask for any additional mirin or white sugar. You can make a richly seasoned delicious teriyaki sauce using just these ingredients. Try it with pork or salmon as well as with the amberjack (buri) shown.

Ingredients: Enough sauce for 4 fish slices

Sesame oil or vegetable oil
about 1 tablespoon
Amberjack (buri)
4 slices
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon or more
Maple syrup
2 tablespoons
Some variations:
Salmon teriyaki, pork teriyaki etc.


1. Heat some oil in a frying pan and brown the fish on both sides. Cook the fish through.
2. When the fish is cooked, add the maple syrup and coat the fish on both sides with it.
3. Add the soy sauce and coat the fish evenly with it. Transfer the fish to serving plates, and pour the sauce in the pan over them.
4. This is salmon teriyaki made with offcuts. I really recommend salmon!
5. Pork teriyaki with garlic added. Add the sliced garlic with the oil to the pan.

Story Behind this Recipe

Canada means maple syrup!