Unmeltable Chocolate Ice Cream Cones

Unmeltable Chocolate Ice Cream Cones

How about making some unmeltable chocolate ice cream cones for the person you love on Valentine's Day?
You can make these really simply with cheap ready-made sweets.

Ingredients: 6 cones

Ice cream cones
Milk chocolate
2 bars
☆Heavy cream
40 ml
1 teaspoon
Dagashi no Ninjin (puffed rice)
2 bags (130 g)
Chocolate to coat the inside of the cone
1 bar
◆Heavy cream
4 tablespoons
Nuts and dried fruits
as desired
Sprinkles etc.
as desired
Pure cocoa powder, icing sugar etc.
as desired


1. These are most of the ingredients that you'll need. I bought a pack of 6 ice cream cones. The colorful cones in the middle are little packs of puffed rice.
2. Melt together the chocolate, cream and butter marked with ☆ ingredients over a pan of warm water. It's fine to do this in the microwave as well, whatever you're used to.
3. Add the puffed rice to the mixture and mix carefully so they don't break or get crushed. Divide the mixture into roughly 6 equal parts.
4. Cut out 6 sheets of cling film to a length of 20 cm each and place 1/6 of the mixture on each sheet. Using the wrap, form the mixture into balls.
5. If you want to use a topping, the easiest way is to lay that on the wrap before placing your chocolate mixture on top. In the photo I am using coconut.
6. If you want to mix in nuts or something similar, lay them on top of your chocolate mixture before forming the ball.
7. Once you have your 6 balls, put them in the fridge to chill for 5 minutes. Don't let them freeze solid!
8. In your empty but still not washed bowl add the chocolate and cream marked with ◆ in the ingredients list and melt together.
9. Pour some melted chocolate into the cones and move them around until the inside is covered in a layer of chocolate. Then let them dry for a while.
10. Coat the top edge of the cone with the small amount of chocolate left over and stick the chocolate balls from Step 7 onto them. Try not to move them until they are set.
11. For this step it's best if you have cups of the appropriate height to stand the cones up inside but short enough for the chocolate to poke out of the top. Place a cone in each cup and set in the fridge for more than 30 minutes.
12. From the top left, we have Sliced Almond, Coconut, Dragée, Almond Cocoa, Sprinkles and Walnut & Powdered Sugar flavours.
13. Wrap them up nicely and give them to your loved one!
14. For a more grown-up flavor, try mixing in some rum raisins or chilli powder.
15. If you keep them in a non-airtight container they might end up going soggy, so eat them as quickly as possible if you want to have them crunchy.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the sister recipe to Recipe ID: 525545 (Carrot Chocolate Truffles).
This is an improvement on a recipe I made for a senior classmate I liked in highschool long ago.