Secret Recipe for Melting Truffles

Secret Recipe for Melting Truffles

This is my go-to recipe for Valentine's Day every year! It's a recipe I've been making ever since I was a high school student. It melts in your mouth, and thrills anyone who eats it...

Ingredients: makes about 30

Couverture chocolate
Heavy cream
Unsalted butter
Rum or brandy
1 tablespoon
Pure cocoa
as desired


1. Mince the chocolate and put in a bowl. Also chop the butter and add.
2. Put the heavy cream into a small pot and heat just before boiling. Add the minced chocolate all at once.
3. Quickly mix with a rubber spatula to melt the chocolate and butter (the temperature of the cream should be high enough to melt the chocolate and butter). Add the rum liquor.
4. Pour into a pan lined in plastic wrap or parchment paper. Refrigerate to harden.
5. It should be around 1-1.5cm thick.
6. Once the chocolate has hardened, chop it up. Heat the knife for easy cutting. If you don't heat the knife, you may experience cracks as shown in the upper left of the picture.
7. Lightly coat with cocoa and it's complete.
8. I changed the amount of heavy cream from 100ml to 120-150ml. The more cream, the more they melt in your mouth, but this also makes it more difficult to cut.
9. Wrap them up and gift them...
10. They're also cute served in a cup.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was aiming for a smooth truffle that will melt in your mouth...