Buntan (Pomelo) Marmalade

Buntan (Pomelo) Marmalade

I made some homemade marmalade with Tosabuntan (pomelos).

Ingredients: Enough to fill 4 large jars [or 8 medium jars]

Tosa-buntan (pomelo)
1 kg (1 pomelo)
Granulated sugar
250 g


1. This is a tosa-buntan. For scale, the black stick to the right of it is a ball point pen. It's huge.
2. First, separate the peel and fruit. Thinly slice the yellow peel. Discard the white part of the peel since it is bitter. The membrane of the fruit will come off easily.
3. Fill a pot with the yellow peel, cover with water, then boil. To eliminate the bitterness, discard the water after boiling, soak in water, then repeat the process four times.
4. Once the bitterness is nearly gone, put the fruit and the drained peels in the pot, fill with water halfway, then add the sugar.
5. Simmer for 30-40 minutes over low heat until it thickens. Set aside to cool, then put it in a jar.
6. Here's my batch in 2009.
7. And here's my batch in 2010.
8. In my second batch of 2010, I used the flesh of 4 buntan to make marmalade. This time, I left out the peels.
9. I put the marmalade in the batter when making muffins. See Recipe ID: 637701
10. I used it as filling in some pound cake.
11. It's also tasty on yoghurt.
12. My sister mixed some marmalade in the cookie dough crust for some cheesecake.
13. I harvested 8 buntan. This time, I left out the peels, and used only the flesh of the fruit. I was exhausted after making such a large amount!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make some homemade marmalade from the tosabuntan that I harvested from my parents' house.