Family Curry, Delicious Without Roux

Family Curry, Delicious Without Roux

This is a healthy and delicious curry, which doesn't make dishes and the pot greasy.

Ingredients: 3 ~ 4 servings

Your favourite meat (or seafood)
300 g (to your liking)
Sake or wine
As needed
Garlic and ginger
1 clove and 1 knob (to your liking)
□Curry powder
1 scant tablespoons
4 tablespoons
Consomme soup stock cubes
Chutney (or jam)
2 teaspoons
●Ketchup and Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce
1 ~ 2 tablespoons each
●Soy sauce and instant coffee
1 teaspoon each
(Your favourite spices if you like)


1. Chop the ingredients. Sprinkle sake (or wine) on the meat to make it tender, and let it sit for a while. Then lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper, and curry powder (not listed).
2. Stir-fry the minced garlic and ginger, chopped vegetables, and meat with oil. Add the □ ingredients, and continue stir-frying.
3. Add 600 ml of water, consomme, and chutney (or jam or grated apples), then simmer until everything becomes soft and the sauce is thickened.
4. Add ● seasonings, and adjust the taste with salt and pepper.
5. Add your favourite spices (garam masala, turmeric, cumin, coriander, etc) and make it more spicy.
6. If the taste is still lacking, add 1/2 block of curry roux as last resort.
7. If this is not spicy enough, sprinkle ichimi spice on top to your own plate.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always disliked the greasiness in the pot after cooking curry. It seemed like it was bad for our health.
I finally arrived at this delicious curry recipe without using roux after many tries.