Fragrant Sakura Blossom Ohagi (Sweet Rice Cakes Covered with Anko Bean Paste)

Fragrant Sakura Blossom Ohagi (Sweet Rice Cakes Covered with Anko Bean Paste)

I added salt preserved cherry blossoms to mochi rice to make ohagi (rice balls covered with sweet bean paste), and it turned out really delicious, almost like sakura mochi.

Ingredients: About 20 small pieces

Mochi rice, uncooked
2 rice cooker cups' worth (360 ml)
Regular Japanese white rice, uncooked
1/2 rice cooker cup
2.5 rice cooker cups' worth
Salt (optional)
A small amount
Salt preserved sakura
About 20 g
Red food coloring
An extremely small amount
As needed


1. Wash the mochiko and white rice together. Mix in food coloring after adding the listed amount of water. Let it sit as-is for 2~3 hours and then cook as you normally would.
2. Rinse the salted cherry blossoms quickly in water, soak for a little while and mince. They'll taste better if there's still a little salt on them.
3. Mash the rice with a rice spoon or wooden pestle after cooking, and add the salted cherry blossoms and salt (if preferred).
4. You can evenly divide the rice if you pack it into a sushi mold. Mold into barrel-shaped balls after dividing it.
5. Thinly and evenly spread out a ball of koshi-an on top of plastic wrap, and place the rice on top. Use the plastic wrap to wrap the rice in the koshi-an, and shape.
6. Remove the plastic wrap, arrange on serving plates, and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I added salt preserved cherry blossoms and dyed the rice pink with red food coloring to the usual ohagi. The fragrance of the cherry blossoms makes them delicious, and they were a hit!