Crispy on the outside These ladyfingers match perfectly with no-bake cheesecake and strawberries. They make an excellent gift too.

Ingredients: 25~30 cookies

For the ladyfinger cookie dough:
Egg white
Egg yolk
Cake flour
25 g
Granulated sugar
25 g
Vanilla essence
a small amount (for fragrance)
Powdered sugar
small amount
No-bake cheesecake batter
Recipe ID: 706620


1. Sift the cake flour. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Separate the egg yolks and whites.
2. Add granulated sugar little by little while beating, and make a stiff meringue.
3. Next, add the egg yolks and beat in well. (It will be difficult to pipe the batter if it's not beaten very well.)
4. When the batter is stiff and sticks to the beaters, sift the cake flour again into the batter.
5. Fold the flour in gently and add a small amount of vanilla essence. You can omit the vanilla essence if you prefer.
6. Put the batter into a piping bag fitted with a circular nozzle, and pipe out two rows of sticks.
7. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake for 13~15 minutes or until browned in a 180°C oven.
8. Make the same batter again, and make the bottom crust of the no-bake cheesecake. Use the same nozzle and and pipe a circle to make a large disc shape. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake as in Step 7.
9. When it has finished baking, cut it to fit the inside the circular mold. Put it inside the mold upside down, and pour in the no-bake cheesecake batter (or any cake batter of your choice).
10. If you are making the cheesecake in a pound cake mold, pipe out the ladyfingers so they stick to one another, sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake as in Step 7.
11. Cut to fit inside the poundcake mold. Put the baked ladyfingers inside the mold upside down, and pour in the no-bake cheesecake batter.
12. Cut the sides and bottom of the ladyfingers to make them uniform, and stick on the sides of the finished cheesecake.
13. This is a decorated cake version...

Story Behind this Recipe

Ladyfingers are so delicious in no-bake cheesecakes.