Meringue Mushroom for Buche de Noel (Yule Log)

Meringue Mushroom for Buche de Noel (Yule Log)

You can easily make this cute decoration!

Stick it next to a Yule Log or decoration cake, and the cakes look more beautiful!

Ingredients: 20 mushrooms

Egg white
1 large (40 g)
Granulated sugar
40 g
Powdered sugar
40 g
Cocoa powder
As needed


1. Add some of the granulated sugar to the egg white in several batches. Whip into a hard meringue.
2. Mix in the powdered sugar with a rubber spatula.
3. Put the mixture into a pastry bag fitted with a circular nozzle (about 1 cm), and pipe. If the piped mixture is pointy, touch with a damp hand to flatten. The mixture is very springy.
4. Mushroom stems. Don't make them too long, so they look cute.
5. Sprinkle cocoa powder on the mushroom caps. Bake in a preheated oven at 250°F/120°C for 70 minutes.
8. Poke from the bottom of the mushroom cap with a cooking chopstick etc. to make a round hole. Insert the stem to the hole. It's ready to serve now!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use up egg whites, so I made a decoration for Christmas cake.