Petite Microwaved Cheese Omelette For Your Bento

Petite Microwaved Cheese Omelette For Your Bento

It's easier than making a normal omelette, and it can actually turn out fluffier, too!
All you need is one plate and one minute to make this cute omelette.

Ingredients: 1 mini-omelette

1 tablespoon
Salt and sugar
a pinch of each
Melting sliced cheese
1/2 a slice
To taste


1. Mix the egg, milk, salt and sugar together in a deep dish. Microwave for 1 minute at 600 W.
2. Take the plate out when the surface is cooked. Make a slit in the middle with a knife and place the cheese on one side.
3. Fold over one side of the egg. The cheese will melt and help the two sides stick together nicely.
4. Pour your desired amount of ketchup on and it's done. If you are putting it in a small lunch box, cut it in half again before dressing with ketchup.
5. P.S.: You can use any type of plate as long as the egg doesn't spill, but it will look more like an omelette if you use a plate that's slightly on the deeper side.

Story Behind this Recipe

For those people who want egg in their lunch box but don't have time.