Sublime Beef Stew with Red Wine

Sublime Beef Stew with Red Wine

Gently and slowly simmer beef shanks in red wine... Store-bought roux is transformed into a 3-star restaurant level dish. The sweet and tender beef is exquisite.

Ingredients: 1 box of stew roux worth

Beef shank
500 to 600 g
2 1/2 large (about 600 g)
Red wine
The same amount as the amount of water indicated on the roux box (1000 ml this time)
Bay leaf
3 to 4 leaves
Raw mushrooms (or canned)
1 pack
Commercial beef stew roux of your choice
1 box
Side vegetables (you can simmer them in the stew of course)
1 large
to taste
Fresh cream (optional)
a small amount


1. Leave the beef shanks in large pieces, and brown them in a little oil. Transfer the beef to a pan, and add the red wine.
2. Add a little oil to the frying pan where you browned the beef, and sauté the sliced onions (They don't need to be caramelized).
3. Add the sautéed onion and the bay leaves to the pan with the beef with wine. Start cooking over high heat, and skim off the scum diligently.
4. This is the red wine I used this time. It's a box wine that contains 3 liters.
5. When no more scum is rising to the surface, add the mushrooms and turn the heat down to low. Simmer until the beef is tender (2.5 to 3 hours).
6. If the liquid in the pan reduces too much, add water. You can add wine of course! Be sure to keep the heat low!
7. Cut the vegetables to serve with the stew. (If you're simmering the vegetables in the stew, don't add them at the start or they'll dissolve. Add them 30 minutes before).
8. I haven't added the roux yet, but the stew already looks like this just from the red wine.
9. The meat sinks to the bottom of the pan, so lift it up carefully and check its doneness with a bamboo skewer! If it's OK, dissolve the roux. (Whatever you do, don't stir the stew up from the bottom! )
10. When the roux has dissolved, simmer for an additional 5 minutes. Microwave the vegetables (if you didn't simmer them in the stew) and serve on the side. Drizzle on a little fresh cream to finish.
11. Wine tip 1: You can use any kind of wine you like. If you're not using box wine, use 1 whole bottle (750 ml) plus water as needed.
12. Wine tip 2: The flavor changes depending on the wine you use. That lets you enjoy different versions of the stew and is delicious.
13. Wine tip 3: This depends on what you prefer, but I recommend using a light or medium-bodied wine.
14. If using a pressure cooker: Add the red wine, bring to a boil, and skim off the scum before closing the lid and pressure-cooking the stew (20 minutes).
15. If using a pressure cooker (continued): This stew may exceed the maximum liquid level in some pressure cooker pans.
16. If using a pressure cooker (cont.): If that's the case, add the rest of the wine after the pressure cooking phase, and simmer the stew for a while longer.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the go-to special-day dish in our house.
A beef stew for special occasions!