Christmas Cookie House

Christmas Cookie House

I made this cookie house with my children again this year and it was a lot of fun. We'll polish it off together on Christmas .

Ingredients: 1 cookie house

Cake flour
560 g
280 g
180 g
Vanilla Extract
Small amount
Food colorings (red, green)
A little amount
1 teaspoon~
1~3 (for the windows)
[For icing] Powdered sugar
200~300 g
[For icing] Egg whites
1/2 ~
[For icing] Red food coloring
Small amount
[For decoration] Marshmallows
10~ (to taste)
[For decoration] Crackers
As needed (for the roofing tiles)
[For decoration] Silver cake-decorating balls
To taste (it's pretty if you sprinkle on icing)


1. Cut out paper patterns. Use your imagination to design your cookie house .
2. Leave the butter at room temperature to soften. When it is soft, add sugar and mix. Then add eggs and vanilla extract.
3. Combine the sifted flour and the mixture. When it's all mixed together, divide the dough into the individual portions and color with the red food coloring, cocoa, etc. Wrap with cling film and rest in the fridge.
4. After the dough has rested in the fridge for 30 minutes, roll out to 0.5mm thick. Cut into the house parts with the paper patterns (Step 1) with a knife.
5. Line on a baking tray and bake at 375°F/190℃ for about 20 minutes. When they are baked, cool on a wire rack.
6. If you want to make windows with a stained glass effect, crush candy and gently place it inside the window frame (or in the photo) and bake. When it's done, let cool on parchment paper.
7. When all the parts are done, cool well and stick together with icing. Try not to hurry and stay calm. It is important that you take your time.
8. I made a tree stacking the shaped cookies with icing. I used the crushed candies to make the windows to look like stained glass.
9. I stuck crackers to make up the roof tiles to give a 3D effect. The sweets on the edge are colorful marshmallows. You can eat everything!
10. My children helped me color the dough and make the house parts.

Story Behind this Recipe

I put a lot of effort into making this cookie house again this year because I really wanted to see my children's happy faces .