Santa Barrel Cats Character Bento

Santa Barrel Cats Character Bento

I tried turning my 'barrel cats' into Santas.

Ingredients: 2 Santa Barrel Cats

Cooked white rice
1 rice bowl's worth (150 g)
a dash
as needed
as needed
as needed


1. Mix the salt into the rice, distributing evenly, then mold into barrel shapes using your hands. If you have one, used a barrel-shaped rice mold to make this process easier.
2. Cut out the eyes, noses, and mouths from the nori and stick them on the cats. Cut the ears and cheeks from a slice of ham. Cut a slice of ham to fit the bodies, put in place. Then cut cheese as needed to decorate the bodies (refer to image right).
3. Stamp out circles of cheese using the end of a straw, and attach them to the ham to make buttons. Then, cut out ham and cheese as needed to make the scarf.
4. Give the other cat pockets, as shown.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I tried making a Festive version of "Barrel Cats Character Bento" (Recipe ID: 696695)