Sleeping Barrel Bears Character Bento

Sleeping Barrel Bears Character Bento

I tried turning barrel-shaped rice balls (often included in bento) into sleeping bears tucked under blankets.

Ingredients: 4 sleeping barrel bears

Cooked white rice
2 rice bowls' worth (300 g)
a dash
as needed
as needed
Sliced cheese
as needed
Decorations (all optional)
Ham, sliced cheese, carrots, edamame, etc.
as needed


1. Mix the salt into the rice, distributing evenly, then mold into barrel shapes using your hands ※If you have one, used a barrel-shaped rice mold to make this process easier.
2. Cut out the ears, eyes, and nose from nori and stick on to form the face. Use the end of a straw to punch out two circles from a slice of ham and stick them on to make cheeks. Cut out a slice of cheese to the length of the panda's 'neck', then attach to form the edge of the blanket.
3. It's plenty cute left as-is in Step 2, but if you add some extra decorations it's even cuter.
4. Using cookie cutters, the end of straws, etc., stamp out shapes from whatever ingredients you like and lay on top of the bears' 'blankets' to make them extra cute. They're also adorable if you use ham or nori to make colored blankets.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up these guys while making other recipes in the barrel character series.