Kabocha Squash Twisted Bread Rolls

Kabocha Squash Twisted Bread Rolls

I kneaded lots of kabocha squash paste into kabocha squash bread dough to make these cute snack rolls.

Ingredients: 10 rolls

For the dough
Bread (strong) flour
250 g
Kabocha squash (microwaved until tender, mashed with the peel and cooled)
60 g
Milk ※
50 ml
Beaten egg ※
1/2 an egg worth
Cold water
※ 150 ml total combined with the egg and milk
Soft light brown sugar
20 g
20 g
5 g
Dry yeast
3 g
For the filling
Kabocha squash paste (of your choice)
150 to 200 g


1. Combine the milk and egg, and add enough cold water to make it 150 ml in total. Put it in a bread machine along with the rest of the dough ingredients and start the "dough" course. Let the machine complete the 1st rising.
2. Take the dough out and divide into 2 pieces. Round off each piece, cover with a tightly wrung out moistened kitchen towel, and rest for 15 minutes or so.
3. Roll out the dough to about a 20x30cm rectancle. Spread half the kabocha squash paste thinly and evenly on top.
4. Fold the dough into thirds.
5. Roll out with a rolling pin to blend the dough and paste together.
6. Cut into 5 pieces.
7. Make cuts in the dough with a pastry scraper or similar as shown.
8. Pinch the ends while stretching and twisting the dough.
9. Form a ring or knot the dough to form it.
10. Form the other half of the dough quickly in the same way.
11. Place the formed rolls on a kitchen parchment paper lined baking tray, and leave to rise (2nd rising) until the dough has doubled in volume, for about 30 to 40 minutes.
12. Sprinkle pumpkin seeds if you have them, and bake in a 190°C oven for 15 minutes.
13. These ones were brushed with an egg wash before baking.
14. This one was formed into a knot. It doesn't look as nice as the ring shaped rolls, but it does puff up better.
15. Variation: Roll up the dough after Step 3, cut into 3cm wide pieces, and brush the cut sides with egg yolk before baking. It won't have layers, but it's easy and delicious!
16. Sister recipe using sweet potato instead of kabocha squash and with cream cheese. Recipe ID: 1726683.

Story Behind this Recipe

A bakery near where I used to live, sold kabocha squash bread. I used to love the simple sweetness and bright color. I felt nostalgic about it and wanted to have it again, so I borrowed ideas from several places to come up with this similar recipe. It's been a big success!