Bento with Barrel Cats

Bento with Barrel Cats

Barrel-shaped rice balls (often included in bento) looked to me like they had the potential to be made into something more... cat-like..

Ingredients: 4 Barrel Cats

Plain cooked rice
2 rice-bowl's worth (300 g)
a dash
as needed
Ground black sesame seeds
a pinch
Bonito flakes
a small amount
Soy sauce
a few drops
Decorations (all optional)
Thin tamagoyaki, sliced cheese, ham, carrot
as needed


1. Mix the salt into the rice, distributing evenly, and mold it into 4 barrel shapes using your hands. -Brown Cat: mix soy-sauce and bonito flakes into 1 portion of the rice. -Black Cat: Mix ground sesame seeds into one portion of the rice.
2. I used nori to make the face (eyes, nose, mouth) and cut the ears out of ham.
3. To decorate their bodies, I either wrapped a sheet of thin omelette or nori around them, and stamped out some decorations using a cookie cutter.
4. You can get barrel-shaped rice molds at 100 yen stores.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I always though barrel-shaped rice balls look cute, but there's always a way to make things cuter, right? Tried to turn them into cats.