White Christmas Wreath Bento Lunchbox

White Christmas Wreath Bento Lunchbox

It's a white-laced wreath to enjoy on Christmas!


Plain cooked rice
1 serving
1 slice
Sliced cheese
1 slice
as needed


1. Wrap the rice in plastic wrap and form into a ball.
2. Using your thumb, push a hole into the center.
3. Cut ham into thin slices (about 3~5 mm) and place them on the rice so that it looks like a ribbon.
4. With a toothpick, use ketchup to make dots on the ribbon.
5. Cut out 2 small hearts and 2 small triangles from the sliced cheese. With a straw, cut out a small circle. If you don't have cutters, use a toothpick to cut.
6. Form the cheese to look like a bow and place it on the ribbon. It's finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought a white wreath would be cute so I made this bento lunchbox.