Christmas Cocktail Sandwiches

Christmas Cocktail Sandwiches

Your regular sandwich just got cuter.


Sandwich bread
Margarine, Mustard
As needed
Lettuce, Cheese (sliced), Ham
1 each
Fried egg (salt and pepper, ketchup)


1. Fry an egg (season with salt and pepper), break the yolk and flip.
2. Lightly toast one side of the bread.
3. Spread margarine and mustard on the non-toasted side.
4. Layer lettuce, cheese, and ham.
5. Top with the fried egg and a little ketchup, and add the sandwich top.
6. Cut into thirds.
7. Insert the cocktail picks, 3 in each row (9 total).
8. VoilĂ !

Story Behind this Recipe

These are easy to eat.