Turnip & Pork Belly Curry Stir-fry

Turnip & Pork Belly Curry Stir-fry

I made a main dish with turnips seasoned with curry. It's great with rice.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Turnip (roots and leaves)
3 (about 6 cm diameter)
Thinly sliced pork belly
200 g
to taste
Curry powder
1 teaspoon
Oyster sauce
1 teaspoon
3 tablespoons
Vegetable oil
as needed


1. Peel the turnips and cut into 5 mm thick half-moons or quarter rounds. Cut the leaves into 3 cm pieces and slice the pork belly into 3 cm strips.
2. Add vegetable oil to a frying pan and cook on high heat. When hot, add the pork belly, sprinkle over a little salt, and stir-fry
3. When the meat has browned, add in the turnips and leaves, and sprinkle the curry powder. Season with a little more salt and roughly stir fry everything.
4. Once the leaves have wilted, stop the heat and mix in the mayonnaise and oyster sauce. Give the mixture one last quick mix and serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

To preserve the texture of the turnip, I decided to stir fry rather than boiling them. The light turnips go wonderfully with the rich pork belly.